Make Yourself Proud

Serafim Lazov

I am Serafim Lazov, a specialist in the field of conditioning and the founder of the brand Pro-Conditioning – Make Yourself Proud. With my bachelor's degrees in "Conditioning Preparation" and "Physical Education and Sport," I possess extensive theoretical and practical knowledge that allows me to adapt to the diverse needs and goals of my clients. Additionally, I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in High-Performance Sports at the National Sports Academy "Vasil Levski" in Bulgaria.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with numerous athletes from various disciplines, including national and international levels. Since 2014, I have been working as a conditioning coach, gaining invaluable experience and expertise in the field of sports preparation. As the conditioning coach for the national under-19 volleyball team, I achieved a silver medal at the World Youth Volleyball Championship in Tehran in 2021 and a bronze medal at the European Youth Volleyball Championship under 20 in Italy in 2022.

By implementing my familiar methods and a scientific approach, I work closely with athletes to help them achieve optimal physical fitness and improve their sports performance. I also work with enthusiasts aiming to enhance their health and physical well-being. Furthermore, a significant part of my work involves the rehabilitation of athletes and individuals recovering from injuries and operative interventions, ensuring a swift return to their everyday functionality and sports form.

In my work, dedicated efforts always translate into results, whether in terms of sporting achievements or overall health status. Throughout my years of working with diverse individuals, I have consistently advocated for my work process regardless of the field of activity, emphasizing the importance of working and exerting efforts in a manner that makes us proud of our achievements. Make Yourself Proud.

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